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Bath Shower Screen

If you have installed an over bath shower you will need to fit some form of barrier to keep the shower spray from escaping onto the floor.

The most common methods are using a shower curtain or a bath shower screen. Bath shower screens come in a variety of different designs but all perform the same function - to keep shower water inside the bath.



The arched shower screen is attached to the wall via a hinged bracket. This enables the shower screen to pivot outward for access to the taps and for cleaning. It is possible to pivot them inside the bath but they will only lie flat against the wall if there are no taps in the way, and the bath is wider than the shower screen.

They are cheap and relatively unobtrusive but have several shortcomings: they are unsuitable for use with power showers; they only shield one third of the bath length from splashing; they can make a bathroom feel smaller. If you have a typical small UK bathroom choose a frameless, clear design.

Double shower screens are quite wide and shield the bath for two thirds of its length. They are slightly more expensive than a single glass screen and have the same shortcomings. Also, as they open out, away from the bath, it is vital that there are no protrusions, such as wash hand basins, that could cause damage or prevent it from opening fully.

If you have a standard bath and want your bath shower screen to fold flat against the wall then you need a folding shower screen. This type of screen "concertinas" flat against the wall, and will normally cover about half of the length of a bath when open.

Corner bath screens are similar to folding shower screens but are designed to enable the curve of the bath to be followed (the individual panels that make up the screen are flat not curved).



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