Wash hand basins can be divided into three different basic types - basins with pedestals, wall-hung basins and vanity basins. Most basins in the UK are available with a choice of either one or two tap holes. Two tap hole basins use conventional basin taps whereas one tap hole basins require the use of a monoblock basin mixer. There are some three tap hole basins are available in the UK, but these are less common.

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Glass Bathroom Sinks

The influence of several bathroom designers has led to a huge rise in the use of glass sinks in the bathroom.

Depending on the design, a glass basin can be used conjunction with a bathroom vanity unit although they are also made in wall mounted and pedestal versions.

When buying a glass bathroom sink always ensure that are told which types of taps and waste are suitable to use in conjunction with your choice of glass basin - it is normally easier to buy these items at the same time as the glass basin

Basin & Pedestal

In the UK the most popular type of bathroom sink is the basin and pedestal with a huge choice of shapes, styles, colours, and sizes. They can be installed on any wall, as most of the basin weight is supported by the pedestal. The pedestal also helps to hide the supply and waste pipes attached to the basin.

Wall Hung Basins

Wall hung basins, as the name implies, are hung directly on the wall. Small cloakroom basins (which are also suitable for an en-suite bathroom) are attached using special brackets while larger wall hung basins rest on a special semi-pedestal. It is important that the wall chosen for this type of basin is structurally sound.

Wall hung basins have no pedestal touching the floor so they can make the room feel more "open". This should be taken into consideration when establishing a design for a small bathroom.

Bathroom Vanity Units

Vanity basins are used in conjunction with a stand alone bathroom vanity unit or with built in bathroom furniture.

Standard vanity basins are fitted into the top of a freestanding bathroom vanity unit. These full depth storage units can hold a large amount of bathroom clutter but can eat up floor space and "fill" a small bathroom, in which case a semi-recessed solution might be the answer.

Semi-recessed vanity basins are designed to protrude from built- in bathroom furniture. The units are slimmer and neater, but as a result they have reduced storage capacity.

Basin Sizes

  There is no standard basin size but the most common in UK bathrooms is probably approx. 550 x 400mm. Some luxury basins are considerably bigger than this while most cloakroom and en-suite basins are smaller.



bathroom basins

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