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Carpet Tiles

Although carpet tiles have a reputation for tough hard, wearing but slightly coarse finishes there are also many also a many tiles available that have the same texture as standard bathroom carpet.



If any areas of the floor start getting grubby,  individual tiles can be removed for cleaning or they can be replaced with spare tiles - a great advantage over standard foam backed bathroom carpet.

There also tends to be less wastage with carpet tiles, as you buy the exact amount you need.



easy to fit
warm to the touch
non slip

lack of choice
not as easy to clean as vinyl or laminate flooring

Carpet tiles are relatively easy to fit, providing the floor is flat and level - if you do make a mistake it cutting a tile you can simply discard it and try again with a new one, something that is not possible with one-piece flooring such as carpet or vinyl.

The only downside when comparing carpet tiles to bathroom carpet, is that there is much less choice.


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