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Bathroom ceilings - easy to install and no maintenance





Bathroom Ceilings

If you are looking for a maintenance free bathroom ceiling then you need to choose carefully. Bathroom ceilings are usually finished using one of the following methods:

  • painted plaster
  • painted texturing compound
  • wallpaper over plaster
  • wooden tongue and groove planks
  • UPVC panelling

The painted ceiling will require a re-coat every now and again, and can be liable to peel or develop mould in damp conditions. Wallpaper adhesive can be affected by the steamy atmosphere of bathrooms and wooden tongue and groove boards can need re-varnishing.

bathroom ceilings using panels

white ash effect bathroom ceilinglabo chrome white bathroom ceiling

Most UPVC bathroom panels can also be used as ceiling cladding, although plain white colours tend to work best in most bathrooms. In the image above white panels have been used in conjunction with chrome infill strips to provide a smart, maintenance free bathroom ceiling. These panels are an ideal choice as they are relatively easy to fit, will cover up any imperfections, they do not rot and require no maintenance. They also work out to be quite cheap.




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