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Bathroom Colour

The majority of bathroom suites sold these days are white. The only other colours in general use are Soft Cream and Pergamon (about half way between Soft Cream and White) which tend to get used for Victorian style bathrooms.



White gives the "cleanest" look of the three colours and will tie-in with any overall colour scheme you may have for your bathroom.

If you have a small bathroom choosing a white bathroom suite together with very light coloured ceramic wall tiles or bathroom cladding will result in the room feeling larger than would be the case with more definite colours.

Although this can result in a very clinical look, this option does give you a blank canvas on which to add splashes of colour using bathroom towels, carpet or blinds.

Older bathroom colours such as burgundy, avocado, champagne, sun king, pampas, coral pink, turquoise, primrose, sky blue etc. are now classed as discontinued but can still be obtained from specialist suppliers. Click here if you need to try and find a replacement item in one of these colours.