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Bathroom Floor Tile

There are ceramic floor tiles available that will compliment any style of bathroom or shower room. Prices are very reasonable and the choice of styles, materials, sizes and colours is huge. Care should be taken if the tiles are to laid upstairs on wooden floorboards - special adhesives need to be used and the correct preparation is vital, otherwise tiles will work loose and the grout will crack.



There are some non-slip finishes available but on the whole most ceramic tiles tend to be relatively smooth. It is advisable to have a bathroom mat or some other non-slip area available for drying off as tiles can be very slippery when wet.

Wetrooms are now very popular, where the whole shower room acts as a giant shower cubicle. Ideally, there should be a solid floor so that ceramic tiles can be used in this type of installation and their fitting is critical to achieve a totally waterproof finish as well as the correct "falls" to ensure adequate drainage.



relatively cheap
waterproof (if laid properly)
hard wearing
huge choice
easy to clean

slippery when wet
cold underfoot
surface to be tiled needs to be  correctly prepared

An alternative to ceramic tiles in wetrooms is vinyl flooring.


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