Bathroom Style

One of the first decisions you'll need to make when looking for a new bathroom is which style to choose. Our style guide will give you an idea of what might be best for your bathroom.



Your chosen bathroom style should reflect your tastes, your property, your room size and your budget. The basic coices are:

  • contemporary style
  • traditional style
  • traditional/modern combination

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bathroom style

Contemporary, modern bathrooms reflect what is going on in the luxury sector but are slightly less radical in design. Typically bathroom suites in this market sector have clean, rounded lines, with little or no fancy detail. This is now the most popular bathroom style and will remain stylish for the foreseeable future. The only downside in this sector is that most of the suites look exactly the same!

Traditional bathrooms suite designs are mainly installed in older properties or when attempting to incorporate as many period features as possible. For modern properties (from the 60's onward) the bathroom market has moved away from traditional styles toward a more contemporary look

Traditional/contemporary combinations are also less popular than they once were, as everyone is concentrating on the contemporary sector. Be careful if you are mixing and matching in this style because certain products do no blend well together.

Bathroom furniture and vanity units are nearly always used with contemporary baths and pottery, but there are one or two manufacturers that produce items that could be used in a more traditional setting.

Mix and Match

Although some large national companies may only sell complete bathroom suite deals, most bathroom showrooms will offer you a mix & match service and give you some ideas to enable you to find the ideal suite.

Providing you stick within the one of the above style categories you should have no problem achieving a combination of products that matches your requirements exactly.

Some points to note when mixing and matching :

  • some things are not designed to be swapped - a basin will only fit on the pedestal that it was designed for, a close coupled cistern will only work when used with the pan it was designed for
  • some bath panels (especially wood effect panels) will not fit certain baths
  • make sure taps project out far enough to clear the lip of the basin or bath (especially on traditional basins)
  • toilet bowls vary in shape - make sure the seat you choose fits the profile.


His and Hers basins are now a popular choice if you have a large bathroom. The idea has come from America where bathrooms tend to be a great deal larger than here in the UK.

This style looks impressive - the only real downside is that you have to pay for an extra basin and an extra set of taps.

Bathroom Colours

The majority of bathroom suites sold these days are white. The only other colours in general use are Soft Cream and Pergamon (about half way between Soft Cream and White).

White gives the "cleanest" look of the three colours and will tie-in with any overall colour scheme you may have for your bathroom.

If you have a small bathroom install choose a white bathroom and fit very light ceramic wall tiles or bathroom cladding.

Older bathroom colours such as burgundy, avocado, champagne, sun king, pampas, coral pink, turqoise, primrose, sky blue etc. are now classed as discontinued but can still be obtained from specialist suppliers. Click here if you need to try and find a replacement item in one of these colours.


Bathroom, En-suite & Cloakroom

If you want to have the same style of product in several rooms in your house some manufacturers, such as Roca and Qualitas, provide suites that have different basin sizes for use in different rooms.

Small wall hung basins for cloakrooms, medium size basins for en-suites and large basins, for the main bathroom. They also provide matching semi-recessed basins and vanity basins if you decide to have bathroom furniture in one of the rooms.

Matching Taps, Accessories & Shower

Some bathroom manufacturers make taps that have matching bathroom accessories and even matching shower valves, such as those shown by Bristan, below.

This can give a very co-ordinated look to a bathroom and tie the design together.



bathroom style

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