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Bathroom taps come in a wide variety of styles, and our new pages will guide you through the various options open to you.



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Basin Taps

Basin taps are available as a monoblock basin mixer (for one tap hole basins) basin pillar taps (for two tap hole basins) and, less often , a three-hole basin mixer (requiring a 3 hole basin).

Basin or sink taps require a standard basin waste to be fitted, while the 1 and 3 hole basin mixers come with their own pop up basin waste.

Bath Taps

Bath pillar taps, a bath mixer tap (bath shower mixer tap) or a bath filler can be fitted to most baths. The two holes provided in UK baths are a standard size, so any bath taps should fit any bath.

For bath fillers and bath shower mixer taps to work properly, you must have the right type of water supplies - where the hot and cold water is supplied at the same pressure to the bath taps. If not, alterations will have to be made to the bath supply pipes.

Chrome or Gold?

UK Bathroom taps are generally available in chrome or gold effect finishes (and occasionally a combination of the two - sometimes called mixage).

While "gold" taps & wastes complement suite colours such as soft cream to great effect, they are not as hard wearing as chrome fittings. Great care has to be taken when cleaning "gold" taps & wastes as strong chemical cleaners can damage the surface colour - always follow the manufacturer's cleaning guidelines.

Tap Heads

Some bathroom tap ranges have optional tap head designs, such as chrome heads or ceramic heads to match the suite colour.

If you have trouble gripping items tightly avoid smooth, rounded tap head designs as you may find them too difficult to turn.

 Tap Valves

The majority of bathroom taps sold in the UK have standard tap valves with rubber washers. These valves require the tap head to be turned several times to move from "off" to "on". They are cheap and relatively easy to maintain.

Quarter turn valves are available on some bathroom tap ranges and utilise a ceramic disc in place of a rubber washer. These maintenance free valves only require light hand pressure to turn on and off, making them ideal for people who have trouble with their grip.

Water Pressures & Flow Rates

There may be some degradation in the flow rates when replacing older bathroom taps with more modern replacements. This is due to modern taps using a different valve size and spout design.

Some modern mixer taps require a minimum pressure to operate correctly - although this is normally stated quite clearly by the manufacturers it is always worth checking before you buy.




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