Whirlpool Baths

A whirlpool system can add a real touch of luxury to your bathroom.

By pumping bath water through strategically placed nozzles mounted inside the bath, whirlpools produce a relaxing, massaging effect that can help reduce stress and everyday aches and pains.*



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Air spa baths work in a similar fashion but produce a slightly gentler effect as they pump a stream of air through special nozzles drilled in the bath.

For the ultimate bath spa you can have both types of systems fitted giving you an all over hydro massage.

Both air spas and whirlpools can be fitted to most types of bath and are factory fitted to new baths before they are installed. This means you can choose the size, style and material of bath that suits you (although there is normally a surcharge for fitting to steel or cast iron bath as they are much more difficult to drill than acrylic baths).

Whirlpool bath or spa bath systems are not suitable for fitting to freestanding bath designs as all of the pipework associated with the pumping mechanism would be visible.


*Pregnant women and those receiving medical treatment for specific ailments should not use whirlpools or spa baths. If in doubt check with your GP. 



whirlpool bath

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