Wood or Laminate Flooring

Bathroom floorboards can be sanded and varnished but this does have several drawbacks, the main one being that any spilled water can leak down through the joints and damage the downstairs ceiling. One method of overcoming this is to install a wood laminate floor on top of the floorboards (or over a solid masonry floor)

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bathroom laminate flooring

You should be very careful when selecting this type of floor covering as many manufacturers will not guarantee their product for use in bathrooms - there specific grades designed to be used as bathroom laminate flooring. Those that do may also stipulate that the floor must be installed using the "floating floor" principle. The downside of this for bathroom use is that toilets, pedestals and free-standing baths cannot be anchored to the floor as this would stop the floor from "floating" and invalidate the guarantee.

UPVC based laminate flooring is now available that are designed specifically for use in bathrooms. Although not suitable for use as wetroom floor they are ideal for bathrooms where splashes and occasional spills can ruin a wooden laminate floor.




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