Bathroom Floor & Walls


The new pages have section to help you with choosing the right bathroom floor coverings and deciding on the stype of decoration for your bathroom walls will make more of a difference to your bathroom's appearance than your choice of a new bathroom suite.

With this in mind you carefully consider which products best are best suited to your bathroom - and your budget!

This site has had a major upgrade and there are now many more pages available with a lot more information on bathroom floors and wall decoration - click the following button to find out more:

bathroom decoration

The basic choices for bathroom deoration are:

  • bathroom cladding
  • ceramic bathroom tiles
  • bathroom wallpaper
  • bathroom paint
  • wooden tongue and groove

The basic choices for bathroom flooring are:

  • bathroom carpet
  • bathroom carpet tiles
  • ceramic floor tiles
  • laminate flooring
  • bamboo flooring
  • vinyl flooring

The are many pros and cons for each of these products - please visit our bathroom decoration section for more details.




bathroom decoration

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