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Large Bathroom Design

If you are lucky enough to have a large bathroom the only real problem you will face is trying to fill the available wall and floor space - a standard bathroom suite can look completely lost in a large room.

Corner baths can help fill up floor-space or you could opt for a freestanding design such as a roll top bath. Free standing baths have the advantage of being able to be installed away from the wall (providing your pipe-work can be hidden under the floor) and can be made into the central feature of the room if required.

Regardless of the room size, you should always try and incorporate some storage facilities in your bathroom design, and a large bathroom will enable you to install a wide range of bathroom furniture and fitted units. These can also help cover up a large, bare, featureless wall and make it the focus of the overall design.

A large bathroom should have ample space for a shower cubicle. The bigger the cubicle the better, so include the largest design your room and budget will allow.


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