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Mix and Match Bathroom Suites

Although some bathrooms are only available as complete suites, most bathroom showrooms will let you mix and match bathroom suite components to your exact requirements.

By mixing and matching you can end up with a bathroom suite that is individually tailored to your needs, tastes and budget - you could even end up with a combination of products that is totally unique.

Some points to note when mixing and matching :

  • some things are not designed to be swapped - a basin will only fit on the pedestal that it was designed for, a close coupled cistern will only work when used with the pan it was designed for
  • some bath panels (especially wood effect panels) will not fit certain baths
  • corner bath panels are designed to fit one bath only
  • make sure taps project out far enough to clear the lip of the basin or bath (especially on traditional basins)
  • always buy glass bathroom sinks with the recommended tap
  • toilet bowls vary in shape - make sure the seat you choose fits the profile.
  • wood effect items can vary in colour between manufacturers (an antique pine toilet seat from one manufacturer may be different to another manufacturer's antique pine bath panel)

Even though items such as basin and toilets might be bescribed as white there can be slight colour variations between bathroom components from different manufacturers, although most differences are pretty small and not always very noticable.

Follow the above guidelines and stick within one of the standard bathroom styles and you should have no problem achieving the exact bathroom you want.



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