The new pages have help on all sorts of showers and shower cubicles:

  • power showers
  • mixer showers
  • venturi showers
  • electric showers
  • large cubicles
  • quadrant cubicles
  • over bath showers
  • shower screens
  • shower curtain
  • and the Out-A-Sight shower barrier

We will guide you through the decision making process and help you decide on a bathroom shower that is right for you.

This site has had a major upgrade and there are now many more pages available with a lot more information on showers - click the following button to find out more:

bathroom showers

Your heating system may have the greatest influence on which type of shower system you choose - you can install any shower system in any house - you just might have to completely change your heating system for it to work!

Some other pointers that might help you choose:

  • power showers do not heat water, they only pump it
  • power showers cannot be used with combination boilers
  • electric showers run independently of your heating system so they can be installed in all houses

Shower Cubicle or Over Bath Shower

There are many pros and cons and we have plenty of information on both. Cubicles are the glass shower enclosures that sit on top of a shower tray.

If you do not have enough room you can fit a shower over the bath and then install a shower curtain, bath shower screen or Out-A-Sight shower barrier. All three are designed to work over the bath in conjunction with a mixer shower, electric shower or venturi shower. It is possible to use a power shower over the bath but they are more suited to a shower cubicle.

If you rarely use the bath you could consider removing it altogether and installing a luxury shower cubicle in its place. Estate agents will warn you against doing this as it might put off prospective buyers if/when you come to sell your house (especially if they have small children). On the other hand, many buyers will rip out the bathroom or shower room, regardless of how nice it is, as soon as they move in - so at the end of the day, it's your call.



bathroom showers

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