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If you have installed an over bath shower you will need to fit some form of barrier to keep the shower spray from escaping onto the floor.

The most traditional method is via a shower curtain used in conjunction with a curtain rail, although you could fit a bath shower screen or the brand new Out-A-Sight as an alternative

Shower curtains come in dozens of different designs and styles but all perform the same function - to keep shower water inside the bath.

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Polyester and PVC are the most common materials used for shower curtains. A polyester shower curtain will need to be cleaned from time to time but is normally washable - check the shower curtain label for details.

Shower rails can be used over a shower tray but this will result in more water splashing out into the room than would be the case if a shower cubicle were fitted. You would also need an extra long shower curtain to reach the shower tray - most shower curtains sold in the UK are 1.8m high - see the following page for extra long shower curtains.

Shower curtains are not really suitable for use with a power shower due to the high pressure jet that these types of showers create. A large bath shower screen might be more appropriate but even then water from a power shower might find its way outside the bathing area.

Shower curtain rails should be a run directly between two walls to ensure rigidity. If this is not possible, and an "L" shaped rail is required, make sure the rail has a third central fixing for support and extra rigidity. "L" shaped rails that only have two wall fixings should be avoided as they eventually start to droop.



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