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Tongue and Groove

Tongue and groove cladding (T&G) is usually made out of softwood and can be used successfully in bathrooms, but there are some drawbacks. It cannot be used in shower areas or wherever it might come into direct contact with water.


It is does a good job of covering up rough or uneven walls (depending on the installation method used) and can look impressive in the right type of room.

Blue Wood bathroom cladding from Grosfillex

"Birch" effect waterproof wall panelling from Grosfillex

click image to enlarge

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UPVC waterproof wall panelling is just as easy to install, is available in wood effect finishes (as shown in the images above) does not rot, needs no maintenance and is totally waterproof - just a few reasons why you might like to consider a more modern approach to bathroom wall covering.




quite cheap
warm to the touch

needs constant maintenance
not waterproof
can rot in contact with  water


Buying Online

If you are thinking of some home improvements then we hope the following links will help...

Bathroom cladding is the modern alternative to tiles, and the range offered by The Bathroom Marquee is one of the most comprehensive available online.


...and if you still can't find what you're looking for try a quick search on Lycos..



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