Wall Panelling - Applications

As well as being maintenance free and easy to install, wall panelling is also extremely versatile.

Most people will use it as a bathroom cladding, in place of tiles, resulting in an easy to clean, hassle free wall covering, but wall panelling is very versatile. It can be used:

  • inside a shower cubicle
  • on a bathroom ceiling
  • to make a bath panel
  • in wet rooms
  • in kitchens*
  • in swimming pool rooms
  • in steam rooms*
  • in utility rooms

In fact wall panelling can be used in any room inside your home or office.

wall panelling used as a bathroom cladding panelling used on a bathroom ceiling wall panelling used in a bedroom

Being waterproof, wall panelling is ideal in rooms that are subject to high humidity or condensation. The benefits of thse wall panels are not as obvious in "dry" areas of the house but even here, its ease of installation can prove to be a real advantage:

  • it can be installed over existing wall coverings
  • it can be installed directly onto brick, block or stone walls
  • it can be installed directly onto battens or stud-work
  • there is no need to plaster walls that are to be panelled

Whether you are thinking of using the panelling as a bathroom cladding, a waterproof wall panelling in a shower cubicle or on a bathroom ceiling you will soon come to appreciate its unique range of benefits.


* most wall panelling manufacturers do not recommend its use in situations where it is exposed to temperatures above 50deg C



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