Waterproof Wall Panelling

Waterproof wall panelling has one very important advantage over ceramic tiles:


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Ceramic bathroom tiles are easily cleaned but the grout used to fill the gaps is not. Once the grout in between the tiles starts to get grubby or mould starts to grow it can be very difficult, if not impossible, to keep clean.

Waterproof wall panelling does not use grout, instead each panel slots into the next using a tongue and groove system.

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This means that the whole wall surface can be wiped clean, without having to resort to bleach, grout-cleaners or regrouting.

Wall panelling is easy to install and once up, will continue to look good for years with no maintenance. It is totally waterproof so it can be used in shower areas or wet rooms. You can fit it inside a shower cubicle or around the bath but for the best results and the maximum benefit cover all of the bathroom walls with waterproof wall panelling - the more of it you install, the less maintenance you will have.

Whether you are thinking of using the panelling as a bathroom cladding, a waterproof wall panelling in a shower cubicle or on a bathroom ceiling you will soon come to appreciate its unique range of benefits.




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