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Bathroom Tile Problems

Although pretty robust in most circumstances there are a number of problems associated with tiles. When used in a shower, for example, water can get behind the tile and start to affect the adhesive bond used to fix it in place. This can be due to movement cracking the grout, poor fixing, leaks from pipework behind the surface or poor grouting.

 problems with bathroom tiles

The image above shows a bathroom where a shower has been installed over the bath. Here, the grout was not applied properly and as a consequence the tiles have started to fall off the wall as the water ingress has damaged the adhesive. It is noticeable that the first tiles to fail are those on top of the bath - this is usually due to the bath flexing slightly when in use which in turn causes the grout to crack. If the problem remains unchecked then the damage can spread and mean that a major refurbishment is required. Buried supply pipes feeding items such as shower mixer valves can also cause problems, especially if a leak develops behind the surface where it cannot be seen. This can cause problems for the tiles or can even result in damage to the wall structure itself especially where the walls are constructed using plasterboard.