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Shower Over Bath

If you are installing an overbath shower then you will need some sort of device to keep the water from splashing out onto the bathroom floor.


The traditional methods have been to install a bath shower screen or a shower curtain,

over bath shower screen  shower curtain used over the bath

Bath shower screens are simple and relatively effective method of protecting the bathroom floor from water egress during showering. Usually these are just screwed to the wall at the shower/tap end of the bath. There are several different types with the single glass panel option being the most common (and cheapest). They usually pivot via a hinge on the wall bracket to allow access to the taps and to help with cleaning but they cannot usually be folded back flat against the wall so they are always on view.

Shower curtains are the traditional way of keeping shower water inside a bath and they are still very popular as they are inexpensive and effective. There are many different shaped rails and rods to help ensure that the curtain can be used whatever the situation or shape of the room. The main downside of shower curtains is that they are always visible and are bit obtrusive.



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