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Small Bathroom Design

The lack of room in small bathrooms does generate a few problems but there are solutions to some of the most common.

There will probably be no room for a separate shower cubicle, so if you want a shower it will have to be installed over the bath, together with a shower screen, shower curtain, or an Out-A-Sight shower barrier. The Out-A-Sight is particularly usefull in a small bathroom, as it fold away into a neat box when not in use, and does not feel like it is cutting the room in half, which can happen with shower screens.

Bathroom storage should always be incorporated into any bathroom design, but it can be difficult in a small room. Most bathroom showrooms have displays of built-in bathroom furniture, which appear to be huge, but are in fact made up of many smaller, modular units. A semi recessed vanity unit fitted in conjunction with a matching bathroom cabinet, will provide about the same amount of storage space as a full depth vanity unit without eating up floor-space. A mirror fronted bathroom cabinet will help give an illusion of space.

Wall hung toilet pans and wash hand basins can also give an illusion of space as they have no "footprint" making the floor look bigger.

Try to avoid using corner baths as they eat up floor space withour offering any increase in bathing area. It is also difficult to work a free standing bath into a small bathroom design. There are occassions where an offset corner bath can be an advantage but this will depend entirely on the shape of the room.

Buying Online

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Among the thousands of household products available online from Argos is an excellent range of overbath shower screens as well as shower curtains and rails.


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