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Bathroom Decorating

If you are looking to remodel your bathroom then your choice of decorating materials can have more of an effect on the overall look of the finished project than the bathroom suite itself.



It is therefore vital to give careful consideration to the way you intend decorating your bathroom. Things to take into consideration include

  • the total cost
  • availability
  • speed of installation
  • preparation required
  • colour scheme
  • future maintenance issues

When looking at the price of the decorating materials you should also factor in other costs that might not be obvious when initially considering the product. Ceramic tiles for example require adhesive, grout, spacers, tile edge trims and sealant so it's not just the tile price that needs to be accounted for. The preparation required for tile installation can also be quite involved with walls needing to be flat and level so plastering might be necessary prior to installation. If the job needs to be completed quickly these things have to taken into consideration especially if you are relying on different tradesmen for different aspect of the bathroom decorating project.

wall panels used for bathroom decoration

Bathroom cladding is a modern alternative to tiles that usually requires little or no preparation and can be installed very quickly. If you are looking for a maintenance-free wall covering this is certainly worth considering as an alternative to tiles - there are even panels designed to look like tiles as shown in the above photo.