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Bathroom Window

The oisition of the window in the bathroom can affect many aspects of the overall design. Ideally you should not position a bath or shower cubicle in front of a window but because many bathrooms are quite small this is not always possible. Although bathroom windows are fitted with obscured glass, most people will want a little extra privacy offered by a curtain or blind.



Venetian blinds are an ideal choice as they are made from metal or wood and are therefore not prone to mould growth. Other types of blind or curtain can be used providing there is plenty of ventilation or extraction to remove excess moisture from the air to prevent mould growth.

If you are trying to achieve a co-ordinated design in your bathroom and looking for matching curtain and shower curtain designs. If the fabric is suitable you could also get a bathroom window curtain made out of a shower curtain. If the curtain rail is made from plastic or some other waterproof materials it then possible to use this curtain to protect the window and window sill from splashing if the window is sited inside a shower cubicle. Siting a cubicle in front of a bathroom window is far from ideal but sometimes this might be the only option available. It is advisable to fit a pvc sill in this situation to ensure that any water that does fall onto the sil area runs off and back down to the bath or shower (it helps to include a slight fall away from the window.