Bathroom Panelling - The Benefits

If you are looking to decorate your bathroom and trying to find an alternative to tiles, then bathroom panelling is the ideal product.

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Bathroom panelling is probably the most effective wall covering that you can use in the bathroom. It has a range of benefits that include:

  • no grout to go mouldy
  • can be installed over existing tiles
  • the panelling is totally waterproof
  • wall cladding will look good for years
  • it is very easy to clean
  • it is very easy to install
  • little or no preparation is needed
  • inhibits the formation of condensation
  • can be used on a bathroom ceiling

Bathroom panelling looks good, and continues to look good for years, with no maintenance - no grout to rake out, bleach or scrub - just a wipe-over surface that does not need any maintenance. It is warm to the touch, and being of a hollow, honeycomb construction, it also lends a degree of heat insulation and noise insulation.

Whether you are thinking of using the panelling as a bathroom cladding, a waterproof wall panelling in a shower cubicle or on a bathroom ceiling you will soon come to appreciate its unique range of benefits.

Bathroom Panelling Online

The Bathroom Marquee have a comprehensive range of bathroom panelling as well as a wealth of information and an online shop with deliveries across the UK.

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