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Bathroom Wallpaper


This basic form of wall covering can be used in in bathrooms but can suffer adversely from humidity and contact with water. Vinyl wallpaper is best as it is splash-proof (but not waterproof)



It is best to keep wallpaper away from "wet" areas in the bathroom - use waterproof wall panelling or tiles in these areas instead. Even the "tiling on a roll" style wallpaper cannot be used in direct contact with water they are only designed for use in dry areas.

Bathroom wallpaper will hide imperfections in the wall slightly better than paint, but if the condition of the walls is poor then more extensive preparation is needed before wallpaper is hung. This can involve re-skimming or replastering, so initially looks to be a cheap wall covering end up costing a lot in preparation.

Many bathroom ceiling also use wallpaper especially in older properties. Wallpaper used on the ceiling can also suffer in the same way as on the walls. Mould can start to appear on the surface and the hot and humid conditions can weaken the wallpaper adhesive leading to peeling edges. Alternatives include a painted plaster finish or there is also the option of using waterproof panelling on the bathroom ceiling (this requires no preparation and can be installed over existing finishes).



very cheap
huge choice of colours

not waterproof
not suitable for "wet" areas

One of wallpaper's biggest advantages is the amount of choice available. Although manufacturers recommend selecting vinyl papers for bathrooms which will cut down your overall choice, this will still leave you with a massive range of finishes. In a bid to compete with other wall coverings wallpaper manufacturers have created many new designs such as

  • slate effect
  • stone effect
  • water splash
  • mosaic effect

even the tile effect bathroom wallpapers themselves have been updated to fit in with today's more sophisticated designs.


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