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Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo flooring is one of the only hardwood floors that is suitable for use in bathrooms (although strictly speaking it is not a wood at all - it is actually a type of grass). It requires less maintenance than conventional hardwood flooring, and is very resistant to damage and scuffing.




Unlike many hardwoods, bamboo is very fast growing, making it one of the easiest natural resources to replenish. The majority of bamboo flooring available in the UK is not of the "click" type so it is not quite as easy to install many laminate flooring systems and needs to glued or nailed into place.

As can be seen in our pros and cons box bamboo flooring can be used in moist conditions - which isn't usually the case with other natural wood floors.



easy to clean
very hard wearing
suitable for moist conditions

slippery when wet
needs to be installed properly

Check with the manufacturer on the recommended installation method before buying any bathroom flooring.




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