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Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring is available in tile form, in strips and also in large sheets cut of a roll.

The advantage of the large sheets is that they can provide a totally waterproof floor, but they are more difficult to lay. Vinyl flooring can be used to form the floor in wet rooms. Here the flooring is returned up the wall slightly to give a "cove" effect, with all joints welded to provide a seamless waterproof barrier.

Vinyl floor tiles are easier to install, as are the strips, which are designed to resemble laminate flooring in size and appearance.

All vinyl flooring needs to be laid on a smooth surface to avoid any irregularities showing through.

Cushion flooring is a popular form of vinyl flooring that is slightly padded underfoot making it more comfortable to walk on.

Vinyl flooring can become very slippery when wet, but there are some vinyls available with a non-slip finish.



easy to lay
relatively warm to the touch
easy to clean

slippery when wet
sub-floor needs careful preparation
can get scuffed




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